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Homework this week: 
Please Choose from the Term 4 Grid. (See Below)

Choose from this Term 4 Homework Grid:

A good website for tables fluency is here:http://www.arcademics.com

Parents- Thanks for your feedback on Survey Monkey. 
Most people said they are happy with our current format but one parent suggested a grid design. So, if you would like your child to have more alternatives for homework, I have designed this grid. The requirement for all students is to do 30-40 minutes homework  Let me know what you think. Click on the page to bring up a clearer version that can be printed.
Another grid with some different options if you have run out! 

This link has some fun spelling ideas:

Some more alternative Homework Tasks
Do XtraMath daily!

A good website for tables fluency is here:http://www.arcademics.com


Term 4

For clearer resolution, click on the picture and print if desired.
For support, look on the History tab of this blog. There are a few websites that may assist some people. 

Please note: In class, we have read about the effect of European Settlements on Aboriginals and also read about the effect of settlement on the environment. You can use this information in your project for the 3rd section.

(See info above about modification to deadlines)

Check out this link for 'Pete the Cat':

For those who are interested, I have posted the rubric and goals for the Buddy Book. I hope it is helpful, however, children should do the work independently for a fair assessment. Thanks!

Term 2
This link takes you to the video about the brain:

Term 1


• Setting Goals- thinking that setting a goal can help me to be more successful at a task.
• Planning My Time- thinking about how long it will take me to do my schoolwork and planning enough time to get it done.

HISTORY ASSIGNMENT: Diorama and Journal.
Dioramas have now all been presented. 
Well done Room 19! Look for your pictures on the blog under the History Tab.

Check out this link for 'Pete the Cat':

Classroom Science Project: Desert Animals and Plants 

Design and Technology Assignment.


History Assignments


2012 Boat assessments: All children should have received their grades for their boat projects. Well done everyone. We had some amazing creations!


2012 PERSONAL HISTORY PROJECT (Assessment) : All students should now have a copy of their grade as well as a written summary of their achievement. I am happy to give more detail or clarification if needed. The children should feel proud of these wonderful records of their lives. I think in the future, they may enjoy looking through their work again. Maybe at their 21st birthdays?
Well done everyone!

Term 2 Homework

Term 2 Week 10 - Homework

These are some words to try and get into our writing.
  • Difficult words: ability, absolutely, achieve, actually, advantage, affect, appalling, argue, attention, available, awareness, barrier, benefit, behaviour, burden, capable, capacity, certain, choice, comfortable, community, comparison, complaining, complete, concern, conclusion, confidence, consider, continue, culture, chocolate, damage, dangerous, decide, decision, demonstrate, description, develop, different, disadvantage, disappear, discuss, donation, educational, energy, enjoyable, enormous, entirely, especially, essential, evidence, exercise, experience, extremely, favourite, frighten, further, future, general, gigantic, government, guess, hazardous, health, honest, hopefully, hygiene, illegal, imagination, immediate, importance, improvement, increase, individual, influence, inexpensive, information, instance, intention, interest, introduction, issue, judgement, knowledge, language, limited, logical, luxury, machine, maintain, manage, massive, maximum, measure, moderation, morally, motivation, natural, negative, normally, numerous, obesity, observe, occur, opinion, opportunity, opposition, option, ordinary, organise, ourselves, original, particular, personal, persuade, pleasure, popular, positive, possible, powerful, precious, previously, priority, process, produce, properly, purchase, purpose, quality, reality, receive, recent, recognise, remember, replenish, represent, reproduce, research, resource, responsible, ridiculous, satisfy, science, serious, several, similar, solution, statement, success, suitable, summary, support, surround, system, television, terrible, themselves, therefore, treasure, unbelievable, uncertain, uncomfortable, undecided, uneducated, unethical, unfortunately, unique, unnatural, urgency, usual, value, vision, whether, worthwhile, yourselves

  • Challenging words: advantageous, appreciate, appropriate, basically, beneficial, consequence, courageous, definite, dramatically, environment, exaggerate, efficient, facilities, guarantee, irresponsible, magnificent, necessary, noticeable, nuisance, occasionally, occurrence, outrageous, physically, realistically, responsibility, separate, significance, sufficient, temporary, traumatic, unnecessary, unethically.
To download some more examples of persuasive writing, type 'persuasive text' and download from from Blake Education.

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