Year 5 Art

Some of Our Artwork

Sophie worked on her mandalas for many weeks. Then we photocopied them and used them as a wallpaper banner. A future wall paper designer!

Line Work
We saw some amazing Art on Pinterest and so the children tried the technique. Here are some results:

We are starting to look at shading techniques in drawing during our classroom Art lessons. Last week, the children learnt about how to shade from dark to light to make a pattern. This is an example:

We are also learning about proportions and how to draw faces.
Here are a few examples:

Zoe did a great job!

Lovely Anni!

A very graphic style from Jayde. All so different and effective!

Nate's colourful crocodile was quite impressive. He put a stick through the bottom to make the jaws open and close.

We learnt about perspective and how to draw houses.
 Dylan's house
 Dylan's house
 Dylan's house
 Dylan's house
 2 point perspective - learning how vanishing points work.

Zoe is experimenting with shading on the left and underneath of objects to make a 3d effect.
Zoe loves animals. She has made a poster of her drawings. 

 Nic enjoyed drawing this character!
Here is a building he drew:
 Some other examples of our student's artwork this term.
Nic's dinosaur

Dylan's compass design

 Nates car series.

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