This page has a mixture of photos of student work and activities. I hope you enjoy viewing them!

Our Outdoor Ed / Sustainability / Sleepover Event


 These girls made a plasticine brain with facts on toothpicks. They made a brain stem and blood vessel out of plastic tubing and put glycerine and red glitter inside to look like blood. 
 This student made a brain out of a dome of painted polystyrene peanuts. He put Christmas tree lights inside which made the brain light up and glow. He dipped wool into red paint to be the blood vessels.
He talked about the way the messages pass between the neurones and how it is like an electrical connection.

 These girls made a brain 'volcano' to represent the chemical reactions that occur in the brain when messages are transmitted. They used bicarb soda and vinegar.
 These students made a paper mache brain that had soldered LED lights so the nose and eyes lit up. The had moveable arms and they linked the movement to a part of the brain called the cerebellum. 
 This boy made a brain out of Minecraft - He built mazes and pathways that led to brain fact signs within his game. At the end he had an explosion that gave the message that smoking destroys your brain cells.
These students made characters out of toothpicks, straws and plastic. They created a Stop Motion video showing Avenger characters moving around and they linked this to the function of the cerebellum, which is responsible for movement. The characters held up signs about the brain as they moved around. 

This girl got some real life MRI scans of brains from a relative who works in a hospital. Interesting!

 These girls had 'lift the flap' brains, with facts underneath.
 This boy made a Minecraft character and wrote brain facts on it. He walked around like the character, and talked about brain facts. 

 This boy mad an electronics project with lights to symbolise the way the brain produces electrical signals when messages are travelling through. He also had a flying fan to show how the brain is responsible for movement, and he made sounds to show how the brain interprets the messages from our senses. 
This was a plasticine model of the brain - in progress.

For more great information on the brain, check out this link:


Valentines Day

Making Christmas Trees:

Crepe paper Poinsettias on a wire coat hanger. Great persistence Zoe!

A felt Christmas Stocking with blanket stitch

Halloween Fun
The whole class gathered around a giant plastic tablecloth during our classroom Art session. They used 'Sharpie"'permanent markers to make a spooky backdrop for our Halloween sale. (Children made lollypop spiders and sold them to raise money for charity.)
They also made muffins to support an Op shop Cafe.
Learning to have a 'Positive Purpose' in life, is a focus. We are learning about following your conscience and supporting others in need.

Decimal and Fractions - Relationships.
One of the activities we did in rotations was to investigate the relationship between decimals and fractions. One group worked in the kitchen area and compared ideas.

Fathers Day - Pen holder craft

Our Glenhaven Camp

A few photos of our brave students on the high ropes, and giant swing! I have about 200 photos of camp - If you want to copy any, bring your USB to school and I will put them in our shared drive.


For Bully Busting Day, the children 'bullied' a banana. We talked about the sense of power and fun we can sometimes feel when making fun of something when in a group. We talked about 'nice' fun and 'nasty' fun. The banana was bullied and looked the same on the outside, but when we opened it up, it was 'cut up' and damaged. (I cut it with a pin beforehand!) We did the same activity with an apple and banged it on the ground each time we bullied it. Although it looked the same on the outside, when we cut it open, it was bruised and damaged.

 Another activity that we did on Bully Busting day was to make a 'puffed up' bully. We talked about how a bully gets power from those around them, and how they 'puff up' with power.

We drew a 'bully face' on a balloon. Then we filled a balloon 1/2 full of carb soda. Next, we put 1/3 bottle of vinegar into a drink container. After that, we tipped the carb soda into the bottle and it 'blew up' the balloon. We talked about how we could be bystanders that become the 'pins' and deflate the power of the bully by standing up to them, or getting help.


A few students even prepared some of their own "Anti-bullying" projects to bring to school for the day. Annilyse, Jayde, Alyssa made a book and Breanna made a box with messages and poems about bullying. It was also a used for a play. Thanks to you all!

Valentines Day Activity
 Put a toothpick into a marshmallow. Then melt some cooking chocolate buttons.
 Stir melted chocolate and put the marshmallow base into the chocolate. Press marshmallow down so it gets on the sides too.

 Dip in hundreds and thousands (sprinkles)

Roll on the sides and put in the fridge until chocolate is hard.
 Make 2 hearts. Put glue on one side. Place heart on the stick and put the other heart onto the other side.
 Here is our final heart lolly.

This is another idea using bread and cookie cutters....


We have been having fun making Christmas crafts. We used Plaster of Paris to form a base for our candles. We also used it to make Christmas tree decorations. Special thanks to our parent and grandparent helpers!
(Plaster of Paris is available at Hardware stores)


See assignment page for more details!

Kayla, Adelle and Claudia spent time making a roller coaster out of straws and matchsticks. They designed a car to ride the coaster. Now they are calculating angles, and converting metric measurements. (See assignment page)

Beau and James spent a lot of time working out their pinball machine! They worked out how to use a 
rubber band and plunger to drive the marble, and managed to create an amazing game. Very impressive. They had many things to measure!
Stage 1

Stage 2

James, Cooper and Patrick did a fantastic job of their water slide. They found interesting angles to measure too.

Zac made an interesting ride with his construction equipment. He had to balance out the weight to make it work correctly. Very creative work. 

Eden, Neyon and Joel made a catapult that shot polystyrene balls out of a chute. They measured many of the angles on their projects.
Emma made a show bag and measured the items inside. She had a variety of sizes and shapes to measure too.
Nicola, Caitlin, Zarah and Mia contributed to the Dizzy Disco show ride. Some good evidence of practising their measurement skills was recorded on their project.

Mia made a Maths Show bag and included many things that you measure with. Some great ideas here.

Lily, Georgia S and Georgia D made a couple of Show bags with items inside that they measured.
 Georgia A made a Sports Show Bag and measured the items inside.

Zac C made a camping bag, and included a compass, which gave him some interesting angles to measure as well! He measured a variety of objects and converted from mm to cm to m to km etc.


In week 9, we made some mini volcanoes, to tie in with Genre Writing work - We have looked at Procedure Writing and Information Reports. It was also an enjoyable Science related experiement. For those people wanting to try it at home, I have listed the stages here. 


We also took advantage of some beautiful weather and went for a walk near the lake. Students recorded what they could hear, smell, see, and touch. They used descriptive writing and also recorded any other thoughts they had as we walked. We will write some stories/ poems or other forms of writing after our next walk.


For Literacy and Numeracy Week, we had a "Grand Designs" competition. Many students took part. We also did a "Graffiti Wall" for Maths. Here are a few photos:

Maths Graffiti Wall - Literacy and Numeracy Week

Time, Compasses, Angles

 In our Maths lessons, we were looking at time. Children made their own clocks using hoops, popsticks, and matchsticks. They also made a cardboard 24 hour clock and constructed the circles and sections using compasses. They also learnt to make a compass out of string, a skewer and chalk and drew circles on the hard courts to see if they could get close to the value of pi. (Circumference divided by Diameter)
 Pictures of their 24 hour cardboard clocks will be coming soon!

We also enjoyed measuring angles with cars and ramps and found out that the angle under the ramp, added to the angle from the top of the ramp to the ground equals 180 degrees.

Charli made a clock out of purple scrunchy balls.

12 and 24 hour clocks


For History, we are making dioramas of life in Australia in the 1800's.
If you would like to view them all, please see the 'Diorama' tab at the top of the blog.
James P's  effective techniques have created a realistic looking diorama and it even has some clothes pegged on the line at the back!
 Zahra has shown artistic flair in the construction of her goldfields diorama!

 Mia did an amazing job on her 1800's farming diorama.

Caitlin has used clay to create this diorama depicting the Australian goldfields in the 1800's.


We did some experiments in our class using milk, detergent, food colouring, salt and oil.
Here are some of our discoveries!

Here is a video of the reaction in progress!

Mini Olympic Tasks.

The Year 4/5 Sub School held a Mini Olympics in August: "The 2nd Oblate Olympics 2012." 

Our class 'nation's' name was 'JANTARCTICA' (Janssan + Antarctica)
Our song is: "I like to move it, move it"
Our colour was yellow.

This Olympic costume was designed by Georgia for the 
Mini Olympics. Amazing work. A+ from our Principal!

This uniform was designed and created by Georgia S and Lily.

Our flag was designed by Patrick. It contains symbols representing Australia, London and Antarctica.
 Our mascot was designed by Zak. His name is Frosty. He has our class colours, and as he is a snowman, he reminds us of Antarctica. He also carries the Olympic torch and is in a running pose. Well done Zak!

This little penguin mascot made by Eden is very cute!

We all made some medals, to share with each other during our Olympic events. These were made by Spiro.

Claudia made a polar bear mascot and wrote a story about it.

Lily made some cute Husky Mascots!

Thomas made the Mayor of Jantarctica here!

James P made this little penguin mascot.

Charli made this happy little seal mascot.

Zac C made this penguin mascot - What character!

Spiro's penguin shows a strong sense of style!

 This Mascot by Cooper was in our final voting selection.

Zahra's Seal Mascot

We had an amazing time!

Other Photos.....


Health/Religion/Art - Everyone is special, different and unique
We discussed how we all see things in different ways.
We can't always have our own way. We cannot control others, but we can feel better if we change our own thinking and actions and learn negotiation skills. 
In this way, we increase the peace.

We all see things in different ways. 
We can choose to see things in a different way to feel better.


We discussed the effect of the coal mining industry on the Great Barrier Reef. Students wrote a persuasive text and then drew posters about environmental issues that concerned them. We discussed text size, simplicity of message, hooks to capture attention, use of borders, colours, contrast, layout etc.

 I loved this poster that Tom made!


We were fortunate to have 3 special footy clinics at school. 
Children gained ball handling skills and realised the importance of working together in team games.


Students made some "Fraction Monsters" to help develop their understanding of proper and improper fractions, mixed numbers, and putting fractions into simplest terms.

Children worked in groups during Maths Rotations, and played a game where they had to match fractions and decimals. It was quite tricky to get all the parts to match!

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