Favourite Apps

What are your favourite Apps? 
Can you let us know why you like them, and what they do?

I find these useful:

Maths games: 
  • Math Bingo - This is a game that helps you learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in a fun way - There are different levels of difficulty.
  • Percy Parker - Sing your times tables - This is just another strategy that may help with tables! There are animated singers and a band that perform various tables. The app shows a tables grid and the related equation as the song progresses.  The app repeats the song and leaves the answers out for children to check their memory. You can also download activities to consolidate their learning. (Check the 'Maths Ideas' tab in this blog for other strategies to learn your tables!) You can also view a sample of some of these Percy Parker songs on your computer through YOU TUBE. 
  • Mathemagics - Tricks and techniques for working out equations. This would be for more advanced students. It also gives examples to practise.
  • YourTeacher - Very clear instructions for more advanced students interested in Pre-Algebra. For more info, go to this website: YourTeacher
Music games:
  • Garage Band - lets you record your voice, and play instruments such as drums, keyboard, bass etc. 
  • Pedometer Ultimate - Records steps and distances. Has timing facility. Keeps history of progress, weight, measurements etc. 
Maps and finding places:
  • Google Maps - find directions to places
  • Around Me - Finds nearest coffee shops, banks, petrol stations, hospitals, etc
Movie Making-
  • iMovie - Simple and effective - You can use this to integrate sound, voice, pictures and movies into a presentation with transitions.

Learning Support Apps:

  • DyslexiaQuest - Enjoyable game for children - Many levels of support
  • Dexteria - Fine motor support - handwriting help
  • LetterReflex - pbqd - letter and word reversals
  • Word Bingo - Very enjoyable game with multiple levels.
  • Phonics Genius - sounds e.g.) a-e, 
  • Simplex Spelling 1 (Phonics 1) 
  • Simplex Spelling Advanced (Spell - Advanced Phonics)
  • Montessori Crosswords
  • Speech FlipBook - 3 flip pages with interchangeable sounds on each page. Real and imaginary words.

RAAC Tutor - graphs progress - correct words per minute. Assists with comprehension.

Processing of Information:
Auditory Processing Studio- discriminating between sounds, leaving off part of the word and saying what is left, etc. Very comprehensive! Progress can be emailed.

Following Directions:

'Fun With Directions'
Children touch objects on the screen to match the instruction.

Memory, Problem Solving, Processing Speed,etc..
  • FitBrains - Memory, Sequencing, Problem solving, Speed, Focus, Visual, etc..
  • Lumosity - as above
  • B-Trainer - copy a visual pattern with sounds that increases in length - Memory training.

What do you like????


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